Discrimination, Fear and Loss

16 09 2008

For some reason, folks tend to be afraid of what they don’t understand.  Rather than look at it, and ask the question, “what am I afraid of?” they look away, pretend it’s not there, snub, and potentially miss out on some very valuable insight and understanding.

Some of the books I’ve turned to as excellent resources as a student, are dismissed by others simply due to assumptions about the author’s faith or background.  Without ever reading the book, without ever speaking to the author, assumptions are made, and based on a fear that what is contained in the book MIGHT make somebody uncomfortable, so it’s dismissed.  To me, dismissing an entire work because it may come from a spiritual bias that is not exactly congruent with my own, is no different than doctors who believe homebirth is dangerous.  They may have never SEEN a home birth, and they won’t even look at the evidence that would potentially allow them to see that they are wrong.  It makes them uncomfortable, and they don’t even want the information.  If they open to it, they might have to admit that some of the things they do don’t make any sense, and even potentially cause harm.  More importantly, they might feel compelled to CHANGE.

Good thing we don’t sit around and dismiss all books by physicians as the *other* or enemy camp, or we would miss out on Michel Odent, Sarah Buckley, or Marsden Wagner.

We lose so much, lumping people in as “other” before we even know who they are. Most times, out of fear.  Fear of what?  That you might see things another way?  That you might have to question yourself?  It is possible to love others, accept others, respect others, without becoming others.

If you are strong in your faith, whether that be religious/spiritual faith, or just standing on your basic life principles, simply READING about someone else’s point of view is not going to be enough to shake that.  Seeing other angles should strengthen your own inner strength and knowing of who you are.   It should give you a stronger sense of self, standing next to these other people.  Perhaps more than just standing with others who are more like yourself.

If it doesn’t, you really need to look at what it is you are standing on, and standing for.  And who you are standing with, and why.




One response

16 09 2008

So very well stated, we as a society let fear rule us, fear of anything we don’t want to hear or see. Such fear holds us back from growing and evolving. How can we expect change and evolution if we live in a state of fear. You stated perfectly how if a person is solid in their faith or beliefs then simply reading information should be of no threat to them. Perhaps it is because so many people do not truly belief in their faith but instead are just following it. There is a vast difference between being a follower and believer.

Thanks for the blog I hope many others get to see it.

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